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Quiet Night, Deadly Night episode #146 - 4 of 4 pages

When Lee Coyle says, “All right, doc, you can take care of the girl,” there’s a boom mike shadow on the top part of the wall, moving right to left, as he walks toward everyone else. Thanks Ann Marie!

After Dr. Burrage helps Lucas into the chair, every time we see Lucas, his hat is tipped back a bit. It doesn’t matter from which camera’s angle. But after Lee Coyle says to Lucas, “You stay right where you are,” when we see Lucas from the front, his hat is straight and even on his head. But in the shots where we see Lucas in profile, the hat is still tipped back. The proof that his hat has moved is the bump on his forehead. Earlier in the scene, it’s clearly visible, even from a distance. But later, you can’t see it anymore, even in the close up shots. Both the hat and shadow cast by the hat onto his forehead are covering it.
Thanks Ann Marie!

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