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Mark is kidnapped by Indians.  After knocking Lucas out, one of the Indians grabs Mark and tosses him face down, on a horse.  He is actually slung over the horse, face down in front of the rider.  As Mark is being tossed up, watch his hands and arms.  He actually reaches out to grab the saddle and help position himself in front of the rider.  It this were a real event, I imagine Mark would be kicking, fighting, and trying to push away from the saddle.

Personally, I don't blame him.  It would be pretty uncomfortable to be thrown up on a horse in that position. Thanks PJH!

*The Indian on the horse who reaches out to put Mark on the horse with him is Pat Hogan who played Artak. He was the Indian who confronted Chaqua about killing Mark.
He was married to Johnny Crawford and Robert "Bobby" Crawford Jr. sister, Nance Crawford.

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