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Do you know what Toomey's first name was?
They called Robert Foulk Toomey several times through this episode. But the credits say his name is "Johannson." You know, I can't help but think how much of a coward Toomey was and if the cowboy boot would be on the other foot, we all know Lucas would not have turned back, he would help get Toomey or whoever son was taken get his son back! "What say U?"  Cowgirl! 

I did ask Arnold Laven / LGL Productions about this. Check out his page and see what all he had to say about The Rifleman.

 While Lucas & Chaqua are fighting you can hear Buckhart tell Mark to get a knife to cut him loose. The picture on the left is after Mark got the knife. If you watch closely, they seem to be waiting for their cue to pull Lucas off of Chaqua. They watch for several seconds and when Lucas starts to say..... "You took my boy....." in the background they both get up to pull Lucas off of Chaqua. Cowgirl!

 What kind of Apaches were these? (a) Lucas is left alive. (b) Lucas kept his scalp. (c) Lucas' rifle was lying right there, not five feet away, and they left it. (d) The ranch was not burned. (e) The livestock (especially the horses) were not taken. (f) I know the Apaches had the habit of taking teenage girls, but I am not sure that they had much of a history of taking teenage boys.
Thanks Renewed Fan!

At the end of The Raid when you see Lucas & Chaqua fighting and Lucas is strangling Chaqua, did Lucas strangle Chaqua to death or did he render him unconscious?

If you listen through headphones, you can hear Sam Buckhart quickly telling Lucas that Chaqua is dead, as he and Mark are pulling him away. Even though these were tame Apaches, I would assume Lucas would have to kill Chaqua and all the others. Because realistically, if they survived, what would stop them from coming back and trying again? (If we’re trying to make the story more believable.)
Thanks Ann Marie!

I'm a little confused about The Raid. Why is he called Johansson in the credits??? When Lucas talks to him, he calls him Toomey. When Buckhart talks about him, he calls him Toomey. So what is this Johansson all about? Am I missing something?
Thanks Michelle!

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