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In the scene where Hattie hands Lucas his hat and a canteen, there’s a bullet hole in the house’s support beam. This did not occur when the Indians took Mark. First of all, Lucas and Mark were by the barn at the beginning. Also, the Apaches had bows and arrows and clubs—not guns.

So I wonder if they had filmed part of A Matter Of Faith when Hode tries to kill Jonas at the McCain ranch before this scene in The Raid was filmed. The location of the bullet hole looks about the same between the two episodes.

After Sam Buckhart jumps over the gorge, Lucas wakes up and gets up. He also continues to look for Mark. As Lucas walks closer to the camera, leaving the campsite, he unbuttons the top button on his jacket. But when he comes up to the same gorge, before he jumps over it, you can see the first three buttons are unfastened on his jacket.
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