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Requiem at Mission Springs episode #164

Throughout the chilling scenes in Requiem at Mission Springs the wind can heard blowing through the desert supposedly contributing to a cold so intense that Lucas fears he may not even be able to fire his gun. (Fat chance of that!) However, despite the sound of the freezing wind, none of the brush is moving! Thanks jahern!

At first when I started to watch this episode I could see the bushes moving, but no howling sounds from the wind. But when night time came this is when you hear the howling.  I didn't see one bush move. I like the part where Rance looks up at the cross & you can hear the wind.  It made him uneasy. Cowgirl!

In Spiked Rifle Lucas tampered with Stark's cinch so that it later breaks and spills him.

In Requiem at Mission Springs
Mark's cinch breaks while hurrying to give Millie her hat.

In Flowers By the Door
Lucas asked Mark if he fixed his cinch yet. Lucas examined the cinch and warned him. "You better get to it, Mark. Someday your gonna find yourself flying". 

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