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The Retired Gun episode #17 - 10 of 11 pages

When Owny notices Lucas and Micah walking towards his gang outside the hotel, the Blacksmiths’ doors are just slightly ajar. There’s a horse with stockings on all four legs facing Wes’ store. Also, the horse’s mane is either light or all flipped to the left side and not visible to us—it’s hard to tell. After Owny says, “Nobody else,” the camera cuts back to Lucas and Micah. Now the Blacksmith’s doors are open, and a horse with a dark tail and mane are behind them. Wait until after Lucas leaves for Wes’ store—then you’ll see this horse has no stocking on the right rare leg—and therefore a different horse for sure. (You can see the second horse has no stockings to the front legs when Lucas rejoins Micah.) Thanks Ann Marie!

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