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When Lucas is telling the Carney's a story about a Indian fighter named Tom Hardesty, you can see a large bruise on Wes's face quite clear. Right before Lucas Leaves the store we see a close up of Wes, his bruise is gone.

After the fight we can see the bruise on Wes's face again. Cowgirl!

Here they reversed the film! So we see how Wes appears while looking into a mirror! The bruise is there—but it’s on the other cheek! You do see it for a very brief second in the reversed image close up. Compare close ups from the beginning and end of the scene. You will see his face looks different. (I found some of these reversed image instances too—but not this particular one.) You may ask, why in in the world would they do this? It’s so that it looks like Wes is watching Lucas leave the store. If they didn’t reverse the image, Wes is looking to his right—our left. But he needs to look to his left—our right—to watch Lucas leave. That’s where the doors were for the Feed And Grain Store.
Notice that Wes’ hair is suddenly parted the other way. Thanks Ann Marie!

Chawin' Charlie.....I remember this scraggly-lookin' cowboy vest that keeps reappearing from one episode to another.....especially if there is an episode that features a group of bad guys, or range hands who hang around the saloon a lot, drink, and scheme against Lucas, or Micah, or the Bank, or trying to take over the town, etc.

Do you remember what stick of wood Lucas used to make Mark a toothbrush from?  Cowgirl! 
Answer: Spruce

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