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What do The Rifleman and Wanted Dead or Alive have in common?

The blacksmith Nels Svenson was on the series of The Rifleman throughout the run. The character was played by a number of actors.
I noticed on an episode of Wanted Dead or Alive titled Barney's Bounty - two bandits are on the loose and come up
to a shop with the title 'Nels Svenson Blacksmith' (looks like the same sign from The Rifleman series). The character
is played by Richard Anderson who also played Nels on The Rifleman show. The bandits kill Nels with a slash to the throat.
Thought it was strange that a character on the Rifleman series would be killed in another 4-Star production.
What a great find, thanks Barry!

Richard Alexander first appeared on The Rifleman on March 15, 1960 and appeared on Wanted Dead or Alive on March 29, 1961. Although Nels died March 29, 1961 he lived on in The Rifleman until 1963.

Look who else showed up in this episode. Why it's Sweeney! OOOPS! I mean Bartender Mitch who ran a Cantina in El Dorado, Texas.
Take a look at that head of hair on Mitch. Cowgirl!

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