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Claude Akins as Floyd Doniger. In the beginning, Floyd Doniger rides up to the ranch where Lucas and Mark are just setting-up for breakfast, bacon and coffee. Lucas invites Floyd to join. The customary chit-chat ensues, while Mark examines the white, pearl handled, pistol on Aiken's gun belt. Just as the discussion concludes, Aikens turns to walk away. The scene shifts to a film angle from across the yard, where a bucket sits on a bench in the foreground. This is where the frame needs to be frozen. A "very phony" looking horse hoof reaches out to kick the bucket off the bench, alarming Floyd, who proceeds to pull his pistol and blow a few holes in the bucket (which dances and skips across the ground as the bullets hit). Obviously, Floyd does not really shoot bullets at the bucket, but fires blanks instead.
However, what makes the bucket dance and skip? A string attached, and pulled in unison with the gun shots. If you freeze the frame on the bucket, just before the horse hoof kicks from the right side, you'll notice a string (or fish line) extended from the upper left lip of the bucket, across the screen (intersecting Floyd's belt) and extending to the lower left of the frame. When Floyd fires his gun, somebody off screen pulls on the string a few times, making the bucket dance. The string is quite obvious if you freeze the frame just prior the hoof kick. Once you notice it, then it sticks out like a sore thumb and you can see it being pulled along the ground if you watch for it.
Thanks Chawin' Charlie!

A wonderful story that makes you think. Tonight I watched The Safe Guard — with Claude Akins as the Texas gunslinger. What makes it a wonderful story is, when was the rifleman supposed to take place? My guess is around the 1880's. Mark just sold his pig for a whopping $5. What does he want to do with the money?
He wants to put it in the bank so he can earn 2 1/2% interest. Here we are 127 years later and my savings account is making about 2 or 2 1/2%. Now, that's progress brother. Thanks Bob Booth!

This seems to be the episode with the most "H" names among the North Fork locals:-Hattie—Hanavan—Hamilton—Harriet the pig—(alas, Eddie Halstead was not around.)  Indeed, the show seemed to have a thing about H's: even among the actors, there was Hope, Harlan, Higgins, and Harmon. Thanks Pete Villafea.!

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