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The Safe Guard episode #8 - 2 of 5 pages

Another ‘date’ blooper. When the judge is asking why Lucas does not put his money in the bank Lucas refers to 10 years earlier and the slump of ‘78’ when he lost his money. So now it would have been 1888. They just arrived at North Fork 1881 and Mark is not much older here so this is a ‘date’ blooper. Thanks wildwest!

It's North Fork, right? The sign over the school house door in The Schoolmaster says Northfork School. In The Safe Guard the sign over the bank says North Fork Bank. Thanks Rhiannon!

Let's pay attention to the scene when Mark leaves the bank... Did you notice that the curtains in the windows are way too high for Mark. How come in the next scene we see him looking through the window? It is clear that because of his height, he wasn't able to see through the window unless he was stepping on a box or something. Thanks Irma Rodriguez, from Arizona!

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