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The Safe Guard episode #8 - 3 of 5 pages

I just find it odd that Lucas and Mark are having breakfast on their patio without any explanation among the two of them as to why they moved the table outside. Thanks Sally!

This is suppose to be Floyd Doniger (Claude Akins)—after Lucas shot him.
We know why he has his face cover—don't we? Cowgirl!

You need to watch this episode to see the man moving/walking around inside the building between Mark & Lucas. If you take a close look you can see him inside. You'd think with all the shooting going on he would be out with the other people seeing what is going on, looking out the window or not moving around like nothing is going on. Cowgirl!

When John Hamilton opens the new bank in 1881 or '82 (The Safe Guard), there is a large portrait of Abraham Lincoln prominently displayed on the wall by John's desk. Isn't it the practice of banks to have the current president so prominently displayed? That would mean the portrait should be James Garfield or Chester A. Arthur.....
Thanks NewFANatic!

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