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The Schoolmaster episode #86 - 2 of 9 pages

When Billy puts jujubes in Mr. Griswald's book, he leaves his lunchbox on Griswald's desk right next to the book. It could be evidence that Billy is the culprit, not Mark. Griswald never even asks whose lunchbox is on his desk.

Well, about the Jujubes.. I HAD to look up when they were invented......apparently in 1920 by the Heide Company. I just got to wondering, since I didn't know if they went back to the 1880's.. So is that a blooper? Thanks Rhiannon!

About seven minutes into this episode, in the classroom when Mark is being scolded for not finishing his homework, watch Billy, he is chewing Jujubes. He then offers Mark some. I'm surprised that Griswald didn't notice Billy eating Jujubes or wonder what Billy and Mark were up to when Billy offered Mark some. Griswald just picked on Mark. This was the day before the scene of the Jujubes being put in the book. Cowgirl!

Just before the scene with Mark at the table doing his homework there is a shot outside of the fireplace. Smoke coming out of chimney. Scene inside there is no fire in the fireplace. Thanks wildwest!

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