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The Schoolmaster episode #86 - 6 of 9 pages

According to Billy he would have some shoes come winter. Mark said how he had 4 sisters and had to wait his turn for shoes. Griswald says he would see about buying him some and have his mother pay him back.

So why when he and Mark are playing hooky Billy has on a nice pair of shoes... Maybe a day had already gone by and Griswald bought him a pair.

Speculation: Let's see Mark runs out of the classroom and goes home. He talks with Lucas and goes back to school and apologizes to Persimmons. He is told to stay after school for two hours.

As they go into the class room Mark tries to stop Billy from defacing the book but too late...Mark gets switched. We don't know if he runs home or not probably just goes and finishes out the day. Later he is crying in his bed.. (Maybe Griswald bought Billy his shoes that afternoon.) Next day he and Billy skip school.

Don't see how Billy can let Griswald buy him shoes when he was the one responsible for Mark getting punished. Thanks markisddg!

How come Mr. Griswald didn't mention anything about this boys shoes?

These 2 boys are Chuck's sons. The little one is Kevin & the other boy is Mike.
Mike really did have a pair of boots. They must not have fit him. Cowgirl!

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