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The Score is Even episode #105 - 1 of 2 pages

In the beginning of 'The Score is Even' Lucas and Mark hear a gun shot sound and look over to the shack down the hill nestled in the trees. The shack has no horses in sight and a ladder up against the building. When Lucas and Mark ride up to the shack there is no ladder, no horses and there is plenty of open land around it and a wagon wheel against the side. Same shack? Later we see Andy and Jax's horses with Mark's and Lucas's horse. Thanks markisddg!

So where was Andy & Jax's horses. When Lucas looked down over the house you would see the horses in the back. We don't see the horses in the front until Jax & Andy are ready to leave. Jax probably went and got the horses when he sent Andy to do the dirt deed. But where did he get them from? Cowgirl!

I wonder how did Lucas and Mark catch up with Andy and Jax since they were on horseback. I know they said they'd be traveling slowly but Lucas couldn't walk that fast due to his injury. Also I wonder why Jax told Andy to go in and kill them...Jax was the killer guy not Andy. Andy saved Lucas's life again when Jax was going to shoot him. Thanks markisddg!

I can't see the hitching post either. Could the second shot be on the other side of the shack. The foliage doesn't look right either. Thanks winterhawk!

So is the first shot file footage?

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