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 The Second Witness episode #23 -10 of 11 pages

While watching The Second Witness I noticed something. Lucas clenched his butt while talking to Brad Davis in the yard. Thanks Deneen!

Lucas definitely tightens his butt muscles right after he says, “You don’t need a telescope at this range, Mister.”, and then the camera immediately shows a shot of Lucas’ butt, which he tightens as he states, “What are you waiting for?” Thanks Judy!

I couldn't see this at first, I was too busy looking to see if he had a whole in his pants. Cowgirl!

You really have to watch this episode to see what they are talking about.

You can also see the 'W' for wrangler on his jeans.
Check out the back of Lucas' jeans — keep your mind out of the gutter!  ; )
Look at the 'W' stitches on the back pocket, plus the Wrangler patch is missing — Wranglers jeans were first made by Blue Bell, who acquired the brand when they took over Casey Jones in the mid 1940's. Cowgirl!

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