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The Second Witness episode #23 - 6 of 11 pages

Bosco usually played Mark’s horse. But in this episode, a different horse played Blueboy.

Towards the end, you will see Micah ride to the McCain house. But the horse that’s facing the camera as Micah departs the McCain ranch—that’s a different horse. Maybe the horse Micah’s riding in the photo on the middle is Bosco—I’m not sure.

I am thinking the writers didn’t get a memo about Dr. Burrage’s qualifications.
In this episode, Dr. Burrage is a people doctor and a veterinarian. In The Vision, North Fork had a separate veterinarian—Nels Svenson. At the very beginning of The Wyoming Story, Mark can be seen banging on the glass door of “Hyram Todd — Veterinarian”. Thanks Ann Marie for this page of bloopers!

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