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The reason there are so many bloopers in The Sharpshooter is because LGL (Levy, Gardner & Laven) used some clips from the original Sharpshooter from Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre and added new scenes from The Rifleman (LGL). I have the original airing of The Sharpshooter and they did make a lot of changes. Cowgirl!

The scene in the dining room at the table with Mark and Vernon (Dennis Hopper), Lucas was smoking a cigarette which Vernon lit for him. We saw Lucas enjoying a cigarillo from time to time but that's the only time I noticed him smoking a regular cigarette. Not only that, but it appeared to be a manufactured one with cleanly cut squared ends. Definitely not hand rolled as one would have expected in North Fork. The cigarette making machine was only invented in 1881 so that would have been a recent development in which case Lucas was right on top of the latest technology. I wonder if it was a Camel, which was Chuck's brand? After that episode as far as I recall Lucas smoked an occasional cigarillo but no more cigarettes. Thanks Brownpa!

When Lucas arrives in North Fork he is wearing a vest. No vest when he goes to dinner.
Then At the end he has the vest on again. Cowgirl!

Did Lucas take his vest off when he sent Mark ahead to order supper? After the Turkey Shoot when Lucas was getting their things together to leave town he has his vest on again. When he went to the room did he put his vest on again? Cowgirl!

At the turkey shoot after Lucas shoots the first time he goes and sits down on a bench next to Mark. They say it’s a tie… move the target back. Next scene Lucas is standing and Mark says “ this time you’ll really show 'em Pa” and Mark is looking up at Lucas. It never shows Lucas getting up from the bench. Thanks wildwest!

It was hard getting the shot of Lucas setting down next to Mark. They moved onto the next scene too quickly, which is Mark is looking up at Lucas. Cowgirl!

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