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The reason there are so many bloopers in The Sharpshooter is because LGL (Levy, Gardner & Laven) used some clips from the original Sharpshooter from Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre and added new scenes from The Rifleman (LGL). I have the original airing of The Sharpshooter and they did make a lot of changes.  Cowgirl!

Just how far is it to North Fork?
It just depends on you ask!

When Lucas & Mark came to North Fork.....what horse was Lucas riding? Cowgirl!

When Lucas and Mark rode into town, Lucas rode a blaze-faced Sorrel. In the next episode, Home Ranch he had Razor. Did he swap? Did he buy, even though he was strapped for cash?? BTW, did you notice the same blaze-faced sorrel was ridden by one of the gang in End of a Young Gun? I have a blaze-faced Sorrel myself. He's my big boy :)
It is interesting to note that one horse is usually ridden by the character actor in the shows. He is often seen tied in the street also. It looks like a blazed sorrel and has white stockings. He has been in almost every episode. He must have been a wonderful horse because: He stands nicely when they mount, and he stands quietly when they need him to, besides that he was a nice looking horse. Thanks Lu!

There were a lot of changes between the pilot The Sharpshooter and The Home Ranch. Mark aged about 6 months and this was obvious. Another thing I never quite understood was that in an era when beer sold at the local saloon for 5 cents, Lucas in the pilot refers to that little prize money ($500) helping make their first payment on the Dunlap Ranch. $500 in those days would have bought most of the ranch, I would think. Thanks Sweeney!  

Mark told Vernon he could shoot his Pa's rifle, but later we learn that Mark cannot shoot. He gets his first shooting lesson in episode #150 - Mark's Rifle. Cowgirl!

In the second round of shooting, Vernon is called for "four in the center, one just out." In fact, the fifth shot was touching the center ring and according to shooting rules if it touches the center ring, it is considered in the center ring.

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