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The reason there are so many bloopers in The Sharpshooter is because LGL (Levy, Gardner & Laven) used some clips from the original Sharpshooter from Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre and added new scenes from The Rifleman (LGL). I have the original airing of The Sharpshooter and they did make a lot of changes.  Cowgirl!

There was not only a "Pa" moment in The Sharpshooter, but there was also a "Dad" moment - - Vernon also refers to Lucas as "Your Dad" and maybe because this was a pilot, they hadn't decided what Mark would call Lucas. It happened while Mark was talking to Vernon in the restaurant. Thanks Renewed Fan!

Vernon also refers to Lucas as "Your Dad." Maybe because this was a pilot, they hadn't decided what Mark would call Lucas.
I know in the original script of The Sharpshooter Mark does call Lucas Dad.

(A) Johnny Crawford tried to do a bit of a southern accent - I am glad he dropped it - it sucked. (B) They never mentioned that "North Fork" was in NM, and the name of the hotel (The California House) suggests that the original idea was to have it in California.
(C) Lucas makes his very first "Raise the boy right Micah" speech to Vernon.

Lucas says to Vernon:  "That boy of mine is your responsibility....." Thanks Renewed Fan!

When Mark was having lunch with Vernon, he told Vernon that he can shoot his "Dad's" rifle. First Mark said "Dad's rifle" not "Pa's rifle" and second considering Mark wasn't allowed to shoot his "Pa's rifle" or have his own rifle until the episode Mark's Rifle. Remember in The Promoter when Lucas won a shotgun for Mark, but he couldn't have it until he was old enough to use it? 

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