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The reason there are so many bloopers in The Sharpshooter is because LGL (Levy, Gardner & Laven) used some clips from the original Sharpshooter from Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre and added new scenes from The Rifleman (LGL). I have the original airing of The Sharpshooter and they did make a lot of changes.  Cowgirl!

Notice the sign on the left—this sign is the sign that Vernon shows his shooting skills on. In this episode Vernon looks over his right shoulder, our left, and then shoots 5 shots into the sign. (See the sign to the right) Notice the trunk and the size of this tree. Notice no tree standing in front of the house.  Cowgirl!

Notice the location of the tree, the picture on the left, the tree stands in front of the house. Notice the picture on the right, the sign is on a totally different tree from the one that Vernon shot 5 holes into — the for sale sign on the right has no bullet holes in it — also the signs read differently. (The sign above says 4 mi. south — see Judge Hanavan — how far did you say it was from North Fork to the McCain Ranch? I guess it depends on who's giving the directions) Cowgirl!

Notice the picture on the left — this is suppose to be the Dunlap Ranch — that's what they lead you to think when Big Jim & his men meet Vernon & his uncle there. When Lucas & Mark arrive at their The Sharpshooter episode #1 — Home Ranch episode #2 — the house on the right is what the Dunlap Ranch looks like with a lot more buildings to the ranch.  Cowgirl!

In the beginning when Vernon and the guys ride by the Dunlap ranch there are boards across the widows.
In The Sharpshooter when Lucas and Mark first ride to the ranch you briefly see a window with no board across it.
Then in Home Ranch when they arrive after buying the ranch there is no board across the window as Billie is shooting the window out.
Actually the ranch looks different. Looks like a different house. If they filmed this 6 months after the initial Sharpshooter episode would this explain these details? Thanks wildwest!

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