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The Sharpshooter episode #1 - 9 of 16 pages

The reason there are so many bloopers in The Sharpshooter is because LGL (Levy, Gardner & Laven) used some clips from the original Sharpshooter from Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre and added new scenes from The Rifleman (LGL). I have the original airing of The Sharpshooter and they did make a lot of changes.  Cowgirl!

Archie slides the bottle down the bar. You see Lucas shoot this bottle and the bottle shatters.

Then you see Lucas goes under the bar and then take aim. How can there still be a bottle still standing and no broken glass in sight? Cowgirl!

When Lucas is walking down the street to the saloon to get the bad guys….two men RUN across in front of him like they are scared and get out of the way. How could they know there was going to be a shootout in the saloon?
Thanks wildwest!

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