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The Shattered Idol episode #120

Did anybody notice a similarity between the area where Lucas and Mark go fishing (and meet Twain) and the opening sequence to the Andy Griffith show? I think they may have filmed at the same spot. Somebody who has this episode on DVD/TIVO could perhaps compare it to the Andy Griffith show. Thanks Renewed Fan!

Mark Twain said that the death of his son Langdon caused him to stop work on Huckleberry Finn. Langdon died in the early 1870's, about 4-5 years before Twain started to write Huckleberry Finn, about 10 years before the era portrayed in the show. Thanks Renewed Fan!

When Twain was walking with Mark in the yard Mark's hair is falling down his forehead and then Twain walks away when Mark turns to go to Lucas his hair is neatly combed under his hat. "He's just plum tuckered out." Thanks Markisddg!

In the barn scene when Mark is all upset, and Lucas starts going on about what happened to Langdon, how would HE know that Twain blamed himself for what happened to his son?

It wasn't until later in the hotel that Twain told Lucas that he murdered his son. Even if the letter said what happened to him, I don't see how Lucas would know the "history" of it. Thanks Rhiannon!

The stagecoach driver exclaims, “Mark Twain!” He didn’t know who he was driving? I know the riders wouldn’t need to introduce themselves before boarding, but what about at breaks when everyone would get out and stretch their legs? The driver would naturally talk to the riders, right? Just seemed strange he wouldn’t know. Thanks Ann Marie!

Outlaw Inheritance and Tinhorn are the only two episodes where there was poker playing in the hotel. Usually it happened in the saloon, of course. If you want to include any kind of wagering or betting, you could also mention Shattered Idol when Mark Twain and Russell played the billiards game—in what was usually the hotel’s dining room. Thanks Ann Marie!

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