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While watching Sheer Terror the other night I noticed something on Razor's left hind quarter. Can any of you tell me what this is? I don't recall ever seeing this before in any of the other episodes. Is it a booboo? I don't think it's a brand or is it? Cowgirl!

Thanks Steph! Dried horse poo? Could be a rub spot or a boo boo - either no hair or the hair grew back white. Kinda hard to tell there. Might just be dirt, but those horses were always so clean, I doubt it.

Thanks Lu! Looks like a rub from being hauled. I bet he was hauled in one of those short two horse trailers with the ramps that came up that high when closed. There is a lot of those around yet and still good trailers even though horses like to lean on the doors when traveling. Now we have those wonderful slant loads which give them room for their rear and don't have to rub against the trailer door. Pretty low on the hindquarters for a brand. They were always so well groomed I doubt it was anything like dirt. I bet Johnny did his share of grooming on Blueboy. I watched him in First Wage grooming a horse and he was "right on" with the curry comb and brush.

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