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Compare these two pictures, where is the bridge on the picture on the right and where on the bushes on the left picture? Cowgirl!

In the scene where one officer is in the shower, a few seconds later, Sheridan describes his associates by rank - they are all officers but he names one as a sergeant. However, ALL of the members of Sheridan's little traveling party wear officer's "shoulder straps". None of them wear sergeant's stripes. Thanks Renewed Fan!

Did anyone else catch when the reb was having his pain attack in the barn that his hand was moving around his waist under the shirt?  Thanks Fred!

Did you know that Lawrence Dobkin played General Phil Sheridan in both The Rifleman and Cheyenne?
In Cheyenne he played General Phil Sheridan in 'Gold, Glory, and Custer.'  This time he is presiding officer at a court martial hearing involving Custer's Last Stand.  Thanks PJH!

*(a) Sheridan was a very small man. His nickname was "Little Phil". The actor portraying him can almost look Chuck Connors. in the eyes, while the real Phil Sheridan was about 5-3.
(b) The history was actually VERY good. Every battle named was real, and Sheridan was present at each of them. The quote by Sheridan to Grant ("A crow would have to carry rations") is accurate.
(c) Sheridan was involved in the charge at Missionary Ridge. As implied in the dialog, his troops got away from him and launched an unauthorized, spontaneous charge (it wasn't just Sheridan's troops - several other outfits were involved too). Sheridan was leading infantry at the time and did not become a cavalry commander until later.
(d) Most impressively, the 11th Tennessee was ACTUALLY one of the Confederate regiments on Missionary Ridge opposing Sheridan! Whether the scriptwriters did the research or simply lucked-out I do not know.
(e) After the war, Sheridan remained with the army, and was famous (infamous) for his harsh reconstruction policies in Texas during the late 1860's, and for his remark "the only good Indian is a dead Indian". He became commander in chief of the US Army in the early 1880's (1884?) - about the time frame of the Rifleman. Thanks Renewed Fan!

As Lucas bends down to talk to Frank—who started to run from Lucas and fell down—a piece of Lucas’ hair comes out of place and curves down toward his ear. When the camera angle reverses to show Frank’s face, Lucas’ hair is fixed. Then the angle switches again to show Lucas’ face and it’s out of place again. But a bit later, when Lucas says, “Best I can do, cash is our short crop,” the camera is showing Lucas’ face, and his hair is combed. We didn’t see him pull a comb out in the middle of the scene!!
Also during this scene, when Frank’s face can be seen—there is a mechanical clicking sound in the background, heard while they are talking. It sounds like a movie camera when the film is in motion. So are we hearing the camera film the scene? (I heard this while listening through headphones.) Thanks Ann Marie!

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