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This is the setup of match sticks that Grid sets up to demonstration his shooting abilities for Lucas.

According to IMDB Billy Hughes Jr. was probably not yet 14 when this episode was filmed - his gunhandling, at least on film, was impressive for someone of any age and well worth re-watching to pay attention to. When he first confronts Mark McCain at the house, he does a pretty impressive twirl of his revolver and drops it right into the holster; later when he returns to try to force Mark into a duel, he throws a pistol on the ground and orders Mark to "Pick it up or I'll kill you - pick it up!" and as he does so he draws his own gun - if you watch, he's incredibly quick. In the match-shooting scene he also rips off six quick shots from a revolver. Of course they're blanks and aim meant nothing but a revolver is not the simplest gun to fire quickly and reliably. Hughes must have spent quite some time on his own learning gunhandling because he didn't get that good just by rehearsing for TV shows.
I also got a kick out of the fact that he's smoking a cigar while waiting in the house for Lucas to return. I doubt they'd allow that these days even for filming just one scene of a TV show. Unfortunately, the last part of the episode kind of 'jumps the shark' when this young gunslinger suddenly changes from an intense hateful character into a polite young man. All through the episode this pint-sized gunslinger is a powder keg ready to kill people, and a few minutes later he's passing out exploding cigars (but agrees that he himself is too young to smoke now). Thanks rooster davis!

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