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The Sidewinder episode #158 - 4 of 5 pages

When Grid is in the hotel confronting Lucas and slaps Lucas face…Lucas head does not turn at all….it just looks straight ahead. and the camera stays on that shot Just after Grid says….”I didn’t come this far to talk.”
shoulda been a retake. Thanks wildwest!

I wonder if Lou's Apple pie got any better by this episode. It must have because they never mention her pie again. Just like a Cowboy.....they'll tell ya' when the pie doesn't taste good, but nothing when you improve on it. Cowgirl!

When Mark rode to the north ridge to tell Lucas about Gridley Maule, pulling a gun on him, watch Blueboy! He keeps nudging Mark (Johnny) and all the while Mark's talking he's trying to keep Blueboy in control. 

More 'W' spottings on the Wrangler Jeans. Lucas walking out of the hotel in The Sidewinder.
(You have too look really close for this one, I had to re-size this picture, but you can see it.)
Thanks Chipster!

Other episode you can also see the 'W' for the Wrangler Jeans are:
Tail of Hate End of A Young Gun Ordeal Outlaw's Inheritance

In this episode Lucas sticks six matches on a hitching post and then lights them with his bullets. Whatever happen to shooting cans, bottles and do-dads on hotel signs? Did you notice no more doo-dads on the sign?

You won't want to miss rooster's alternate ending to The Sidewinder.

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