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The Sister episode #9 - 3 of 8 pages

In the beginning of this episode you see a stagecoach arriving at the town of Castro. (Take a look at the driver on the left.) The Driver is a older and a bit heavier man then the driver on the right. I believe this is file footage, from Black Saddle, but I'm not sure. Cowgirl!

As Lucas turns and walks toward Earl Battle sitting in front of a building, you can see the shadow of the camera. First itís on Lucasí shirt. Just the tube portion where the lens is and a sliver of the film compartment is visible. But then is moves right to left and goes across the bottom portion of the buildingsí front walls. The shadow most resembles a camera right before itís going to move out of shot. This is right before the camera brings Earl Battle into the frame. Thanks Ann Marie!

To see the full affect of this you will need to watch the episode. Cowgirl!

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