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"You leaving us Earl?" asked Ed Bundy
"Takin' a little trip on the stagecoach Mike". said Earl Battle. Thanks Lou!

Michael Harris also was in another episode of The Rifleman — as Ed Bundy, The Anvil Chorus.  He was the one whose wife had just had a baby boy. Cowgirl!

 At the end, Becky isn’t wearing the same clothes as she did while sitting up in the buckboard after the fight with Snipe Brothers. This whole story took place during the same day. Maybe someone decided that she wasn’t wearing appropriate riding clothes—since she was on a horse during that last scene?

Watch Lucas’ fight with the Snipe Brothers. After he knocks out Pete, notice a couple of dark areas on Lucas’ shirt between the fasteners. I don’t think it’s dirt. They are too evenly spaced. I believe it’s actually button holes—and the wardrobe dept. changed the shirt. They added the fasteners, moved the buttons up, and didn’t sew the holes together yet before this episode was filmed. Also, those holes look too small to fit those buttons currently on the shirt. Maybe they switched the buttons too. Thanks Ann Marie!

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