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The Sister episode #9 - 5 of 8 pages

When Mark is watching the stage ride in, thereís two blacksmith signs, right next to each other. Also, in this shot you can see that Markís hat tie is on the right (incorrect) side again. It should be on the left. I believe this is the only time in the episode where you can tell for sure itís on the wrong side. Thanks Ann Marie!

It looks like Lucas had three different barrels while talking to the townfolk! The first one is a shorter one when heís inside the store. Then while heís with Rebecca right outside the store, he has a slimmer and longer barrel. Then when he comes out of the cafe, heís got a shorter one again. But I donít think itís the same one. Look at the first picture againówhen heís in Hattieís store. See that thick light colored band around the edge of the barrel thatís close to his shirt buttons? It isnít there on the barrel heís holding after exiting the cafť. Also, in this last picture, the barrel looks lighter than in the second picture. Thanks Ann Marie!

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