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Six Years and a Day episode #91

The sign outside of the house reads Doc Burrage. Doc always had his office in town and in a few different buildings. So either this is a blooper or Doc moved his office.

The man standing on the porch is suppose to be Mr. Hannaberry/Hannabury. played by Hal K. Dawson. Mark calls him by name, Mr. Hannaberry. Is this a new Mr. Hannabury? The only thing is, the credits spell it Hannaberry. Different from our regular Mr. Hannabury, Ian Murray.

Lucas is in the middle of trying to sober up Cook by pouring coffee down his throat and throwing him around the room. They show him holding Cook by the coat and yelling at him and Lucas's hair is sticking up and flying around his face they when they go to a close up his hair is all neatly combed back. Thanks markisddg!

When Mark is racing to town for the doctor, he has on a jacket. Stock footage of The Four FlushersFlowers by the Door. When he jumps off his horse at the doctor's office, no jacket. Thanks Gloria Fortner!

I tried to capture Mark's ride into town, but he was riding so fast that it was hard to capture a good picture. If you watch the beginning of this episode you can definitely see Mark wear his denim jacket. Cowgirl!

In 'Six Years and a Day' Lucas has a pregnant woman at the house and says they need a doctor or at least a midwife because he has no clue how to deliver a baby. He has to sober up the doctor so he can do it. Lucas doesn't even try.
In 'Waste' Lucas nonchalantly walks over to the pregnant woman and delivers the baby like he's done it all his life. Question: Did Lucas take a midwife's course in birthing? Thanks markisddg!

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