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Did Sam Buckhart and Marshal A. L. Morrison get fired from the Lordsburg sheriff’s office? (Hopefully promoted instead). The Rifleman spin-off The Law of the Plainsman was clearly set in Lordsburg, N.M. and I would assume concurrent the time period of The Rifleman.

The Lordsburg sheriff refers to Lucas as “your daddy’’ when addressing Mark. Thanks Duane!

Watch the activity in the background.....

At the end of this episode where Hoyt Coyle is shot. You never see him fall off his horse. With all the action going on you don't see him slowly riding off. (Watch the background. The action in the background keeps changing.) But yet in the next scene when Pascal gets shot, in the background or anywhere else you do not see Coyle or anyone (Look between Warren & Pascal). 3. Then if you watch closely (to the right) you can see someone in the background riding, sitting somewhat slouched with a light colored jacket on (This is suppose to be Coyle). 4. There are horses tied to a hitching post after the tall white building. 5. The next scene the man if the light colored Jacket is slumped down & riding off in a gallop. Lucas is standing there & Mark comes running to him you can see a different rider slumped down and closer then before. No horses in sight except the riders horse. 6.Watch closely, you can see him fall off of his horse (Coyle). I would bet somewhere among all this action the stuntman, maybe even Archie Butler replaced Coyle on this horse, being that Archie was the first one knocked off his horse. I never saw anyone shoot him. I didn't even see him lying on the ground anymore or even taken into custody. Cowgirl!

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