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The picture on the left is the pond where Deputy Applegate found Mark.
At the end of the episode sheriff meets Lucas & Mark at this cabin. If you look over Mark's shoulder it looks like the pond where the deputy found Mark. Cowgirl!

It looks like telephone/utility pole between the sheriff & Mark. Cowgirl!

Early in the episode, when Lucas rides off leaving Mark alone, there is a buck deer hanging in the tree. It looks to be a mule deer, native to Western U.S.

A short time later, Mark follows another buck and climbs a large rock. He falls from the rock and is knocked unconscious. The buck he was following looked to be a fallow deer or some other non-native deer from Asia or Europe. It was not a deer native to the U.S. Thanks mgwapiti!

What does The Rifleman - The Westerner and Perry Mason have in common?
Boy that old buck sure does get around!

There has been some sightings of Old Spike in The Westerner and Perry Mason.
Not one time did anyone have the heart to kill Old Spike.

Bloopers - Skull 4

"Holt Coyle invites you to stop by The Skull Ranch"

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