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A few seconds after Hoyt says, ďYuki, pour Mr. McCain some wine,Ē you can see the boom mike dip into the top center of the frame.

Warren points Lucasí gun at Lucas before Hoytís men ride out to find Mark. After they find Mark, the next scene is back at the Skull ranch. Now Warren doesnít have any rifle. He goes out to relay Hoytís order to tell the men to wait. Warren comes back in, with a rifle, and itís not Lucasí! Where is Lucasí rifle?

How come Lucas didnít find Mark initially after he fell off the rock? Mark didnít wander off. I believe in reality that Lucas would have found him unconscious. That big rock Mark fell off of was RIGHT THERE! Lucas really scours the ground around the campsite. He should have found him.

When Lucas asks Mark what happened to him, Mark says he chased the buck and slipped into a ravine. He fell off a big rock and hit his head on a much smaller rock! It didnít look anything like a ravine!

After Mark pries the boards off the window, Mark throws his rifle on the floor, I donít think Mark would have left his knife.

In chaotic Lordsburg shootout, Lucas has trouble trying to get his ďoneĒ shot in, with the horse in the way. After Hoyt is shot, Lucas tumbles forward and grabs his gun, which is lying down on the ground. Why? He didnít drop it or have it shot out of his hands. (Chuck does it beautifully. But it really doesnít make any sense.) 

There were four episodes where they reused the footage from Eight Hours To Die ó the part where Lucas rides down the shady lane to find Mark and Judge Burton. First, we see it in The Pet, after Haskins made himself at home in the McCain'sí house. The next time is Season 4ís Skull when Lucas couldnít find Mark at their camp and rides off looking for him. Then the footage was also used in two episodes from Season 5. In Conflict, watch after Lucas is still disturbed about missing the cougar; he tells Mark heís going into town to see the gunsmith. Also, in Which Way'd They Go? when Lucas is riding off to buy cattle.

When Lucas was tied up and prisoner in the barn and Mark was also being held in the barn hayloft.
Lucas told Mark to use his pocketknife to open the boarded window and escape. Why didn't Lucas just tell Mark to try to come down and cut him loose with the same pocketknife? I guess that would have not given them a story plot. Just one of those unusual script angles. Thanks wildwest!

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