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Spiked Rifle episode #49 - 1 of 2

Just after Austin Stark is seen going into the Willow Springs Saloon, we see Lucas riding through a field, then a meadow. He stops and looks down at a modern (1950s) city! Thanks Ann Marie!

You have to watch this episode to see this blooper. 

In the scene where Micah tells Lucas that John Hamilton wanted to see him.  Lucas & Mark go to the bank. 
Through the window you can see someone sweeping inside the bank. But when John Hamilton let's Lucas & Mark in the bank there is no one there. He is alone. Cowgirl!

Lucas rides back to the ranch and finds out Mark is all right. Lucas switches horses to ride Razor. The riding off with Razor is stock footage from BoomerangThanks Ann Marie!

I f you look at the picture on the left you can see a flash of light in the background. You have to watch this episode to get the full effect of this. Cowgirl!

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