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Here we see a hall stand rack with storage bench, but where is the mirror?
Usually with benches like this there is a mirror in them. I wonder if it got broken & they just filled it in with a paper of some sort.  Cowgirl!

When we hear Lucas’ horse approach the Avery's’ house, we hear it neigh and then the hooves striking the ground. Shouldn’t it be the other way around, since surely the noise the hooves make is louder than the neighing. Thanks Ann Marie!

When Micah goes to the ranch and enters there was no fire in the fireplace ― When Mark rides to the ranch and Micah is there….there is smoke coming from the chimney ― When Mark enters the house there is no fire in the fireplace. Thanks wildwest!

Also putting the cinnamon rolls in the saddlebag? There was no cover on them and putting them in sideways wouldn’t they have been a mess?
Thanks wildwest!

Honestly wildwest I thought that pan looked to big to even fit in Mark's saddlebags. Cowgirl!

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