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Within the first few minutes a Brud Evans stabs Joey Merrick in the back and kills him just to get his horse and gun. By appearance and references made in the story he would have probably been no more than mid or late teens in age. I don't recall anyone that young being killed in Rifleman before and it was just an outright killing. I have no doubt such things happened in the old West. Still though it was unusual for Rifleman. Thanks rooster davis!

Joey, a young boy, is stabbed in the beginning of the show. They bring his body into town and tell his father. They say that “Brud” an escaped killer killed him, that he just escaped from the law and is on the loose. Lucas says he’s going to stay in town and tells Mark to ride to the ranch all alone. It just doesn’t make sense that Lucas would let Mark ride all over the place alone, with a killer on the loose near by. Just my thoughts. Thanks Boneyard!

Mrs. Avery promised Mark some cinnamon rolls. When she & Mr. Avery arrive back at the ranch, she tells Mr. Avery....."Now.....I've got to get those rolls a bakin'.....that Mike ain't one for being late!"  Cowgirl!

At the end of the story the Avery's, said that he was their son and "No pa on Earth" could change that'.
I think it should have been 'No power on Earth...' Details, details.
Thanks rooster davis!

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