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The Sporting Chance episode #128 - 1 of 4 pages

Lucas tells Mark to go into the hotel dining room and they'll be there in a minute. Chuley (always thought they were saying Julie LOL) is wanting to challenge Lucas and instead Jeremy takes on Chuley. They will go outside of town for their gunfight and they just up and leave Mark waiting for dinner. Wonder if Mark got fed up and ordered his dinner and a rare steak for Lucas and ate his. Thanks Markisddg!

Just after Micah takes the Englishman into his office, Lucas is seen riding into town. Look at his shirt and hands. His shirt has small buttons and is not corduroy and he doesn't have gloves on. The next scene that shows Lucas getting off his horse he is wearing a corduroy shirt with large buttons and he is wearing gloves. This is the shirt that Lucas wears through out the rest of the show.

Also, watch when Lucas and Mark are talking at their ranch. Mark is wearing a denim jacket. Lucas tells mark to go to school. Mark mounts his horse and rides off and he doesn't have a jacket on, Mark is also quite a bit younger. The next time you see Mark, he has the jacket back on. Thanks Pete S!

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