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Lucas walks into the hotel. They never show whether or not he stops at the desk to get Prescott's room number. But when Prescott opens the door to his room there is no number. How did Lucas know which room was Prescott's? Cowgirl!

The scenery shot of the McCain land at night from Lucas and Markís vantage point is really pretty. The only problem is itís taken from the viewpoint of someone standing on the porch. (The roof in the top portion of the shot gives it away.) For the roof to be in their sightline while sitting on the porch and looking straight ahead, itíd have to be a very short house! And that isnít how the McCain porch beams look. So where was this footage taken? And how did the land actually look while standing (or sitting) on the porch? Did we ever actually see it in the series? The bridge and the hills that we do see in some episodesóthat would have been to their left and behind them while on the porch. Thanks Ann Marie!

The scene when Lucas comes out of the house his shirt is all unbuttoned and the left side front of shirt is caught in his belt. When they get ready to beat the tar out of Lucas his shirt is not caught in the belt but flowing loosely. Thanks wildwest!

Near the end, Mark is locked up by the baddies. When Lucas lets him out, it's from a tiny shed built onto the side of the house or barn.. It is clearly an outhouse, with moon on the door and all. I'm sorry I didn't make note of this blooper, was this you?

When Prescott gives Lucas an envelope with bribe money out on the range Mark is long gone in the buckboard looking over the fence. Later on the front porch Mark asks Lucas how much money was in the envelope that Prescott offered him. (How did he know about an envelope?) Did they discuss it at dinner?  Thanks markisddg!

The Retired Gun episode #17 ― when the newly married couple first arrive at Lucas' ranch, we see them drive past the rear door of the McCain house, as if the road from North Fork winds past the side of the house. Never seen before or after. Thanks Rob!

The footage of Lucas riding in town also appeared in Conflict episode #155. Thanks Ann Marie!

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