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The Stand-In episode #114

It makes me laugh every time I see Rudy Croft jump out of the wagon, and a drunk Taylor
(Dabbs Greer) points his gun about two feet to the side of Croft, fires about three times, and the actor playing Croft acts like he has been shot the first time. Thanks Greg Merrill!

It was really funny that the director or anyone didn't notice or didn't care, that when the guard rapped the bars with his gun, it left the gun barrel bent about 20 degrees off straight. Thanks Bob!

Apparently there was a lot of that 'rubber gun stuff' going around...At the very beginning when one of the two prison wagon guards is trying to talk Lucas into some whiskey for their dusty road trip... the other guard, Richard Devon (my favorite bad guy), gets mad at their chatty prisoner in the back of the wagon and takes his gun out and slams it against the bars -- bending the gun barrel off kilter! Ooops! Thanks KC! 

When they hit Lucas over the head in the front yard he has on his hat and when they drag him into the back of the prison wagon isn't his hat still on the ground. So when Mark rides to the ranch wouldn't he have seen Lucas's hat first thing?

Rudy was alone at the McCain Ranch for quite a while after they took Lucas away so why didn't he break into the house for food and a gun and steal a horse why was he hanging around waiting for Mark to come? I know cuz Mark needed to confront him.

After they put Lucas into the prison wagon Taylor puts the padlock key in his front pocket. Later after Potter shoots Taylor he gets up to walk over to the wagon and has a key to open the lock but never took it from Taylor. Did they both have a key?
Thanks markisddg!

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