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One blooper-ish comment on this one: Near the end of the episode, Lucas sees Len and Charley in the bank. He goes to the back door of the bank and tries to open it. The camera shows the door knob turning, then pans upward to show a deadbolt on the door.
Lucas shoots the door open with his rifle. He aims low, at the knob, and then the door swings open - - but the deadbolt, which was located up high, should not have been damaged by Lucas' shots, and the door should still have been latched. Thanks Renewed Fan!  

Did you see in this episode how little Mark could heave that saddle on his horse? That's gotta be heavy!
Good job Mark! Cowgirl!

Isn't it a bit a strange having a mirror in the bank?
I don't ever remember seeing this in the bank before, do you? Cowgirl!

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