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Tension episode #45 - 1 of 5

When it first shows Mark on the cattle drive, he is pulling a horse.  Why?

So that means there are four horses all together...
Lucas: 1 horse
Mark:  2 horses
Sid: 1 horse

Then Clemmie - 1 horse

When they leave, there's:
Mark: 1 horse
Lucas: 2 horses

What happened to the other 2 horses?  And why did Mark have that other horse in the first place???
Thanks Michelle!

The horse that Mark is leading in the beginning of the episode is the pack horse. You can see the supplies, etc. on its back.
When they leave the camp Mark is on Blueboy, Lucas is on Razor and Sid's body is tied to a horse that is saddled---I think we should assume it is Sid's horse.

So the pack horse and Clemmie's horse are both missing.  Even it they let Clemmie's horse go to find its own way home, what happen to the pack horse? Thanks PJH!

When Mark rides his horse over to Lucas, as Lucas ties Halpern's body down, Mark's horse steps on a big rock on Clemmie's grave. The big rock sort of bounces! Thanks Uglybug!

Not a blooper but watch how many times Mark moves in the background at the grave to stay in camera shot. Thanks wildwest!

Sid Halpern stated that he had been an outlaw before he married his wife and had their son.  The deed he had done happened around the time Margaret died, which was about six years ago (seven according to Lucas) - which would have made Mark 13 instead of 11/12 in this episode if they were sticking to the six-year old thing - that blooper's already been established.
However, Toby looks to be around seven years old or, if this robbery had taken place seven years before, Toby and his mom would have had to have been around when the train was robbed, right?  so either Sid lied about meeting his wife after the robbery, or the writers didn't figure the math right...Of course, I'm sure back in the 50's, the viewers never gave it a second thought...Thanks Michelle!

The grave at the end of this episode (left) is suppose to be Scully Potter's grave. They must have used stock footage. You see a hat hanging on it. AND you see a gun and gun belt - - since the criminal was in chains and was under arrest, where did his gun/gun belt come from? (left) Thanks Renewed Fan!

Clemmie's grave from Tension ― I know they did this back then..... But..... Why would they hang their gun & hat like that out in the open. Anyone could come along and take them? Shouldn't they really have taken Clemmie's stuff back & gave it to the Micah? Cowgirl!

Look at the closing credits. The producersí names are not evenly spaced diagonally. Thanks Ann Marie!

You will have to watch this episode to be able to see this blooper..... When Lucas and Gavin Martin are fighting in the barn, Gavin throws something at Lucas. He misses, but it hits the camera stand!! The whole shot rocks back and forth for a couple of seconds! Thanks Ann Marie!

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