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Tension episode #45 - 2 of 5

When Ezra & Gavin Martin (father & sonóbounty hunters) arrive at the McCain Ranch, the son, Gavin kicks Lucas; Lucas flinches BEFORE the kick is thrown. Thanks Rob!

The young outlaw says the crime on the poster happened in 1871. He has been looking for Sid for seven years which would make the year be 1878. Lucas also tells his brother and dad he buried his wife seven years ago. They built their house in 1881 when Mark was 10 making Mark be born in 1871. How can Mark be born in 1871 and be 10 or 11 years old in 1878? Also, he always says Mark was six when his mother died, but now this would make him be three or four when she died. The writers should have kept up with the dates. I guess they didn't think folks would notice. Thanks Gloria!

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