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Tension episode #45 - 3 of 5

When Clemmie unfolds the wanted poster, it's creased, but when the camera moves in on the wanted poster it's perfect, no creases. The scene after they zoom in on the wanted post, it is again creased. Thanks Rob!

Clemmie states that his brother Gavin saw Halpern in Willow Springs, then saw the wanted poster. That means all the stuff with brother Gavin mistaking Lucas for Halpern later makes no sense. Thanks Uglybug!

Tension — The hutch does not have curtains.  In Hostages to Fortune — Lucas is looking for his bottle of whiskey. 
Notice the curtains on the hutch.  Also if you check episodes The Journey BackOutlaw's Inheritance there are no curtains — Mark's RifleI Take This Woman — again we have curtains.

In Deadly Image — Mark gets the whiskey out of the kitchen cupboard—do they kept it in the hutch or the cupboard?  Cowgirl!

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