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' The Three Legged Terror / Wavs episode #30 - 5 of 6 pages

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The Three Legged Terror — Lucas thanks Fremont, Johnny's uncle for being very 'CooperAtive'
(Long A). I remember that 'CooperAtive' word because it sounded so weird, but then Fremont, Johnny's uncle, repeated the word with the same pronunciation. I could never figure that out. I mean someone on the set must have known that was the wrong pronunciation????? Thanks Sweeney!

I happened to see the other day and noticed at the end, when Lucas and Mark are checking out the picture Dennis Hopper drew of them, you can clearly hear a plane flying overhead. That sound is so ubiquitous these days – you have to turn the sound down on the TV to tell that it’s actually coming from it. Funny… Thanks Gene!

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