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The Three Legged Terror episode #30 - 1 of 6 pages

When Mark was day dreaming thinking of a way to stay home from school, Lucas told him he was going to be late if they didn't get started. Then when they got to the school, there were no other kids there. Even while Lucas was taking care of the teacher, no kids came in. Was Mark the only kid going to school that day or were all the other kids late? Thanks Gloria!

In 'The Hawk' Walt Hake/Reed Young made Mark a rattlesnake hatband and Mark couldn't wait to show it off to his friends.

If you look closely at the rattlesnake band it looks like it was sewed by a sewing machine. Cowgirl!
What say you?

In the next episode which was Three Legged Terror the rattlesnake hatband is gone.

At the beginning, when Mark shouted for Lucas to help Ms. Adams, Lucas dismounted Razor from the right side. Thanks Ann Marie!

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