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The Three Legged Terror episode #30 - 2 of 6 pages

While recovering from his drunken tirade in the Marshall’s Office, the leather bench that Johnny (Dennis Hopper) is lying on is not close to any wall. But when the camera cuts to a close up of just him, there’s first one wall to his left. Then in the next close up of him, there’s not just one wall but two (we can see the corner)! Thanks Ann Marie!

I happened to see the other day and noticed at the end, when Lucas and Mark are checking out the picture Dennis Hopper drew of them, you can clearly hear a plane flying overhead. That sound is so ubiquitous these days – you have to turn the sound down on the TV to tell that it’s actually coming from it. Funny… Thanks Gene!

The school’s sign, the location of it, and the front steps in this episode are completely different from what appears in Three Legged Terror. Also, there is no awning over the door in The Apprentice Sheriff. Thanks Ann Marie!

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