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When Lucas comes home, Mark opens the bedroom door and pauses, with his hand on the doorknob. Then he walks into the main room. Notice how the door swings out into the main room? Every other time before, I believe it swung the other way, into the bedroom. Also, in Markís Rifle, the door is open, and itís also swung out to the main room. When Lucas and Mark are discussing Martyís credibility over dinner.

It was very, very, very obvious Fats wasnít actually playing the piano.

Outlaw Inheritance and Tin Horn are the only two episodes where there was poker playing in the hotel. Usually it happened in the saloon, of course. If you want to include any kind of wagering or betting, you could also mention The Shattered Idol when Mark Twain and Russell played the billiards gameóin what was usually the hotelís dining room. Thanks Ann Marie for this page of bloopers!

You can see a hole in Jessie pants.

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