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The Trade episode #24 - 5 of 5 pages

The mirror in the kitchen that Lucas uses to shave makes an appearance in Beth’s hotel room—which is the next scene. Did the store run a special?


When Mark brings the pills up to Beth’s room, there’s a ceramic pitcher and basin right by the door. But in the next scene in her room a glass pitcher and short tumblers are on the table next to the door. After Lucas and the doctor leave, you can see the ceramic pitcher and basin are on the small table under the painting.

As the stage carrying Sam Morley and his fiancée travels out of the frame you’ll see that city’s sheriff standing next to the hitching post. Then we see a close up of him. Nothing odd there. But when Ferris rides in, there’s this wooden frame work in front of the sheriff’s office. A more elaborate hitching post, perhaps? That wasn’t there in the previous shot.
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