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Trail of Hate episode #77

Mark has a torn hat on at the beginning of this episode. When he is up in the wagon pitching hay to Noley, Mark throws the sack of whatever at Noley, takes off running,  trips over the log and gets knocked out. Noley comes up and takes Mark's hat off. Mark's hat isn't torn at all. Thanks Rhiannon!

More 'W' spottings on the Wrangler Jeans.
(You have too look really close for this one, but it's there!)

Other episode you can also see the 'W' for the Wrangler Jeans are:
End of A Young Gun The Sidewinder OrdealOutlaw's Inheritance

Did you spot the flying aircraft in the scene from Trail of Hate just after Lucas begins terrorizing the three outlaws in the wilderness? Look closely just as Lucas mounts his horse. Thanks Gilbert!

I don't understand why it was necessary to have Lucas steal the horse to go back home. Why didn't Lucas go into town with the robbers on a single horse instead of on the buckboard? After the hour was up and Lucas rode out of town, why didn't Mr. Anderson go over to the marshal’s himself to tell Micah about the bank robbery and the possible threat on Mark's life? Thanks Ann Marie!

When John Hamilton opens the new bank in 1881 or '82 (The Safe Guard), there is a large portrait of Abraham Lincoln prominently displayed on the wall by John's desk. Isn't it the practice of banks to have the current president so prominently displayed? That would mean the portrait should be James Garfield or Chester A. Arthur..... Thanks NewFANatic!

I could find this scene that NewFANatic mentioned, so I took this from episode #77 Trail of Hate.

Mark's Torn Hat photo album
Seasons 1 through 5 and then there is an album with all season combined.

This is fun to view in a slideshow format or a full screen

I had loaded all these episodes into Shutterfly, but darn it, the top of some of the hat is cut off in some pictures. 
Oh well, just enjoy these great pictures of Mark with his hat on, torn, or not and even new.

A big thank you to Renewed Fan for his help with Mark's Hat.

Enjoy!  This is a promo called High Hats for download, it is a 7 x 9 promo
 abc Photo Division Press Release
Did you know that Fall Hat Week begins September 17?  Well it does, and Walter Brennan (top left), Dale Robertson (top right), Ralph Taeger (bottom left) and Chuck Connors (bottom right) are well prepared for the occasion.  Each star is in an ABC-TV series this fall - - Brennan in The Guns of Will Sonnett (Friday. 9:30 - 10 PM EST), Robertson in Iron Horse (Saturdays 9:30 - 10:30 PM), Taeger in Hondo (Fridays 8:30 - 9:30 PM) and Connors in Cowboy In Africa (Mondays 7:30 - 8:30 PM).

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