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Two Ounces of Tin episode #131 - 5 of 9 pages

Tip always refers to Mark as boy so we don't know if he ever introduced himself but when Lucas rides up and tells Tip to get off his property, Tip refers to him as Mr. McCain. Thanks markisddg!

One thing I noticed was when Corey drew the circle in the barn to shoot & throw the knife into, that horse was pretty close. Then after he threw the knife, the horse was moved. Did the horse move himself or did someone move him? Cowgirl!

Rodd Redwing taught a lot of others Hollywood types how to use firearms. He is famous for throwing a knife and hitting a bullet hole dead center with the same move drawing and firing a single action. The knife supposedly always stuck in the bullet hole. Rodd is quoted as saying that his gun was cocked in the holster before he threw the knife. He was famous for this. Was Rodd the gun coach for the Sammy Davis in the episode Two Ounces of Tin? on The Rifleman? Sammy was a very good fancy gun handler, and may have been fast, but did he do this stunt or did Rodd Redwing? I know Sammy was known for his fancy gun work, but I'm not so sure about this kind of stunt. Cowgirl!

Guns of the Old West by Bob Jayhawker Arganbright:  In Two Ounces of Tin, Tip Corey (Sammy Davis Jr.) plays a circus fast draw expert and trick shooter. At one point he demonstrates his unbeatable speed and accuracy for Mark by throwing his Bowie knife at the McCain barn wall, and with one continuous hand motion drawing and firing his 7.5-inch barrel Colt SAA to shoot a bullet hole in which the knife sticks. While this was done with a bit of camera magic, this classic fast draw stunt was originated and performed by legendary Hollywood gun coach Rodd Redwing. Cowgirl!

Near the end when Lucas & Tip confront each other, why is Lucas wearing gloves? Thanks TooYoungForRifleman!

When Tip is at the ranch in the beginning with Mark he flips a tin can in the air and shoots it. You can hear and see the can being shot but you never hear the sound of it falling to the ground. Thanks wildwest!

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